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FAIR USE NOTICE FAIR USE NOTICE: This page may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This website distributes this material without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for scientific, research and educational purposes. We believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in 17 U.S.C § 107.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Whistleblower exposes attempted ET manipulation, false flag at ‘Festival’

examiner.com Seattle

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Whistleblower exposes attempted ET manipulation, false flag at ‘Festival’

In an exclusive January 2, 2011 50 minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre on ExopoliticsTV, former Project Seagate whistleblower and Project Camelot witness Aaron McCollum has exposed an attempted recruitment by the organizers of the June 13-19, 2011 ‘Festival of Enlightenment’ at Evergreen, CO to enroll him into serving as a manipulator between purported extraterrestrials that would ‘decloak’ over the Festival and child participants in the Festival.

Mr. McCollum also cautions that the Festival, which is planning to attract 50,000 attendees and is negotiating with Sir Bob Geldof of Live Aid, could present an opportunity for a ‘Project Bluebeam’-type psychological warfare attack on participants and on the population at large.

Mr. McCollum points out the isolated location of the Festival venue of Evergreen, CO and its triangulation and close proximity to three areas with U.S military bases: Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Denver, CO (with reported deep underground military bases) and render the Festival a fertile venue for a false flag Project Bluebeam type ‘ET encounter’.

View ExopoliticsTV interview with Aaron McCollum

Examiner.com readers can view the ExopoliticsTV interview with Aaron McCollum above or by clicking here


Festival organizers have worked for Halliburton

According to its website, the Festival of Enlightenment organizers Bill and Jan Moore “have more than 80 years of international business experience between them. Through multi-million dollar business ownership, management in Fortune 100 companies and successful solution-oriented and performance-based consulting, they have extensive knowledge spanning business strategy and development, project management, sales and marketing, retail merchandising, customer service, commercial real estate, Internet and social media. U.S. consulting clients have included 3M, Texas Instruments, Halliburton, Johnson & Johnson, Peterbuilt and Rockwell International. UK consulting clients have included Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Compass Group, Argos, British Telecom, Bass Brewers, Harvey Nichols, British Council, and Department for International Development.”

Jan. 2, 2011 Statement of Aaron McCollum

Mr. McCollum released a Jan. 2, 2011 public statement on his attempted recruitment by the June 13-19, 2011 ‘Festival of Enlightenment’, along with email correspondence with representatives of the Festival that corroborate his statement.

“The following statement is my personal testimony of my initial contact, private phone call, response and later discovery as well as my opinion of what the true nature is concerning the Festival of Enlightenment.

“On December 8th of this year I received an email from a person who was inquiring if I wanted to be a speaker and active participant in an event called Festival of Enlightenment. The person who contacted me already had me scheduled to be on his Blogtalk show on February 6th, 2011. Initially I was happy to be asked to be part of an event that seemed so monumental and had asked the person to call me the next day or so to discuss the details of this event. I had briefly scanned the website but not in any kind of detail. Yet something in my gut was telling me there was more to this than I was realizing at that moment. However I put it to rest until I spoke to the member of the planning committee for the Festival.

“The next day I received a call from the person who initially contacted me to discuss the details of why I was chosen and what they were wanting me to do. Here is where it gets interesting. I then listen carefully as I am told that there is a group within the committee who want to embrace a Metaphysical side of the Festival more so than the Organizers have expressed or wanted to do. Which of course I find odd since it is a Metaphysical based Festival. What this person reveals to me is that secretly with this group they feel that the object of this event is to invite the Pleiadian race to uncloak their ships above the Festival at the climax of the event. Sounds like a good idea right? Well things aren’t always as they seem. You see during the duration of this phone call I am told with permission of the Organizers I would be part of a series of Webinars working with Starseeds of all ages but specifically focusing on children. Reason for this is that I would be a Transmitter of sorts to assist in raising the vibrations of these young children. Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong. Here is why I say that. Now these Webinars as I was told is to ready these Starseed children. I asked why and my answer was one of the nails in this coffin. The children would be with me during a certain part of the Festival where we would be in a circle or something like that and as the “ceremony” carried out the Pleiadian Starships would Uncloak in the sky above and this would be the beginning of Galactic Ascension. Some Children would stay and some would go. In other words. This is an Extraterrestrial Rescue Mission. Now as I have said many times before it is indeed up to the Human Race to save ourselves but once we have taken back our Planet I have no doubt Contact will be made on a much larger scale. This is simply my opinion of this matter. When the phone call was coming to an end I felt a strong need to look into this matter much deeper as I should have from the start and that is exactly what I did with the help of friends in my close network of Intel.

“I could go into the details but I feel it is up to the individual to investigate these things for themselves. My best description is included in the Document I have attached. In this massive line-up of “Star-Studded Speakers” nowhere is there anyone included in the Roster I would have suggested. No Alfred Webre, Miriam Delicado, Dr. Bill Deagle, Jef Harvey, Bob Dean, Laura Eisenhower, Andrew Basiago and I could go on. Instead there are Elite type Motivational Speakers who have such current credentials as The Club of Rome, The Club of Budapest, Training Consultants for some of the most dangerous companies in the World like Nestle, Shell Oil, Prudential and more. Plus more that in my opinion have never had anything constructive to this Truth Movement like Bono the singer of U2 and Sir Richard Bransen the CEO of Virgin. Other speakers who have publicly discussed their support of Eugenics and even more who have blatant Mind Control “Workshops”. Again I could go into further detail of the Festival’s Zones for the Children. want to know more? Check it out for yourself. http://www.festivalofenlightenment.com/

“Some may say this next comment is out of line but if you know anything about the true Scientology this website has a sense of it throughout. I am not saying they are affiliated but there are some similarities again in my opinion. This is significant because of how this festival seems to be laid out. Again like I said before I am concerned that many individuals who speak out to the public on a grassroots level, Independent radio, Speaking events big and small. There are none. The people who have been chosen are these apparent World famous speakers and yet very few I have heard of and in my line of work this surprises me.

“Now for a Military side of how this seems to me. Just a scenario for you to consider. If I was going to plan something big that would be in plain sight for all and not exclude any Man, Woman or child I would hold or assign to have an event planned that would seem like the biggest greatest event in History. Bigger than Live Aid, bigger than Live 8, bigger than any Lightworking event ever put together. Then I would make it an event unlike a standard conference. It would have to be bigger than that. Children don’t want to go to a conference. So slap on the label of Festival and it’s fun for the whole family. Now next is to bring in a few well-known people like Bono, Sir Richard Bransen and even Deepak Chopra so that immediate recognition takes place. That in turn diverts from considering who the other speakers might be or for that matter what they do. Location is also an important factor to consider with such a big event. This event as I was told is supposedly going to have 50,000 plus attendants. You would need a big space for that yet such a small location was chosen and that place is Evergreen, Colorado. With only three roads leading in and out it of the town that to me in a Military mindset is quite opportunistic. Strategy is the key here in order to execute an event with precise execution. How do you round up so many in a location as this? Like herding cattle into the coral. It’s known as Triangulation. Pick your Epicenter then Triangulate from there. 63 miles to the North is Fort Collins. 66 miles to the South is Colorado Springs. To the East about 23 miles is Denver. For those who are aware these three locations have Deep Underground Military Bases that are massive. In fact shortly after this phone call with the member of the planning committee I received a call from an informant of mine in Colorado who told me without any Power of Suggestion that a facility just outside of Colorado Springs has had major military movement and secret construction in or around the area of the base yet some contractors that had been on the job were released due to end of contract work. However the construction still continues.

“So what does this all amount to? I have much more I will be explaining as I go deeper into my investigation to get further data on this Festival but until then I will say this. The Illuminati has been working hard and in some cases have successfully infiltrated the Truth Movement since the 1960s and that all began with the FBI operation known as COINTELPRO. It has been a conscious war ever since but truthfully that war has been going on for Ions. Project Bluebeam is an Operation that has been on “Hold” by the U.S. government for quite sometime now. This Project is what I refer to as the Global Elite’s “Last Ditch Effort” for control of the masses. It consists of a variety of highly advanced technology that is currently used in DUMBs and the Secret Space Program. Holographic technology, HAARP, Satellite Global Mind Control Monitoring and finally the use of “UFOs” which are no more than advanced Military craft that has the same appearance as one of the most commonly sighted crafts. This is known as the Triangle UFO that was originally the Aurora/TR-3B that is now a TR-3D. Highly advanced aircraft that uses such technology as Zero Point Energy and Cold Fusion. When all else fails in keeping the masses under complete control two scenarios can be executed. One is a Malevolent or Benevolent Alien Invasion and Two is a Second Coming of Christ i.e. The Rapture.

“If everything I was told by this individual who is on the planning committee is indeed true and that is the ultimate plan then I strongly advise to stay far away. The Festival has one general theme. That theme is to let your mind go and embrace this “New World Enlightenment” so that when the Star Friends come to us in Colorado all will be well. Once that has happened it will be a major blow to our movement for real disclosure and full exposure of what the Elite has suppressed for so very long.

“I could be completely wrong about this but to be quite honest I don’t believe I am. This year I have had a pretty good track record that in a way I am not pleased with because the predictions I made were not good. I feel it is my responsibility to deliver this message to everyone and allow him or her to analyze what I have said for themselves. So in conclusion I will not be attending the Illuminati Festival of Enlightenment and I hope you reading this will not as well. If you do please proceed with extreme caution. I will continue to look into this matter and give public updates as soon as possible. We truly are in exciting times right now on this Planet and that can lead to the urgency to rush but we must not rush. We must be careful, watchful, calculative and always look into any kind of matter that seems to be of uncertainty when your “Gut Feeling” tells you. As my friend Jef Harvey always says “We are all in this together” and that is very important to understand. We must stay strong and work as a cohesive collective conscious so that the Elite fail no matter what they try. Positive thought projection is a powerful thing but without the extremely important balance of action it is only thought.

“Thank you,”

signed/Aaron McCollum

The technology of ET False Flag operations - Setting the stage for a staged ‘Alien Invasion’

As this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre wrote on Oct. 15, 2010, if Alien Invasion major motion pictures and TV series are a forerunner to a staged ‘Alien Invasion,’ then 2011 may be planned as such a forerunner year by the perpetrators of any staged UFO invasion.

The ‘Alien invasion’ film market is arguably a mass psychological conditioning device (prequel) to a real staged ‘Alien Invasion.’ We are about to be treated by Hollywood to a veritable outbreak of Alien Invasion films, each implanting fear about extraterrestrials in the film-going public and the meme-reality of extraterrestrials on planet Earth. If ‘Alien Invasion’ films are in fact a conditioning prequel to a staged ‘Alien Invasion,’ then the reality of the false flag ‘Alien Invasion’ could (questionably) follow on the heels of the 2011 movie and TV premiere season.

One source states, "Steven Spielberg is to produce a new science fiction series titled Falling Skies in collaboration with the TNT television network. Falling Skies is based on the aftermath of an alien invasion. Falling Skies will premiere on TNT sometime in the summer of 2011. He will direct and produce the 12-hour miniseries Nine Lives for Syfy and will also create the science fiction film Robopocalypse."

Another motion picture industry source states, “Incredibly, there’s even more news on the Alien Invasion Front – some of it big. Apparently Sam Raimi is prepping a new film called Earth Defense Force, that involves America skirmishing with the communist Chinese … as a prelude to a far larger and more lethal invasion from visitors from outer space. So this film will combine two recent cinema trends of: anti-communism and alien invasion. Nice.

“Getting kind of crowded in those skies now, though! At a certain point, some of these alien invaders are probably going to start fighting each other. Why? Because rumors are now circulating about the possibility of two sequels to Roland Emmerich’s original Independence Day, although Emmerich had better hurry up with those because some of these other films will be stealing his thunder. One such film is Skyline, which we’ve previously registered some reservations about here, but which just debuted a fantastic new trailer. Bear in mind that this film was made for under $10 million. Phenomenal.

“And, ironically enough today: Ridley Scott apparently wants a $250 million budget for his Alien prequel, and he wants the film to have a ‘hard-R’ rating. Fox, obviously, is balking on both counts. Honestly, Sir Ridley may want to consider retiring. He’s been blowing an enormous amount of other peoples’ money for years on films that are underperforming at the box office, and if these demands are true as reported he must be living in a Matrix-style dream state. He should see the Skyline trailer and see what can be done for pennies nowadays.

“In other alien invasion news: Emma Thompson is apparently circling Men in Black 3D; Rihanna is getting rave reviews from her fellow Battleship cast members; some intriguing set photos have leaked from the J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg Super 8; Comic-con will be staying in San Diego for the next 5 years; Tom Hanks is debuting a futuristic new web series called Electric City; and MTV is running a great list of The 10 Scenes from The Star Wars Saga We Can’t Wait to See in 3D – but for some reason they forgot the Death Star trench scene! No Death Star?!"

But is fare like the above and Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies, a 2011 TV series based on the aftermath of an alien invasion, enough to sustain the meme of a staged ‘Alien Invasion’ like Project Blue Beam? Hardly likely.

Two researchers attribute Norway light to Project Blue Beam & HAARP

This Examiner.com reporter first reported on the possibility of the staged ‘Alien Invasion’ around the granting of Nobel Laureate Barack Obama’s peace prize in Norway on Dec. 9. 2009 in “Two researchers attribute Norway light to HAARP, anti-ET space-based weapon of mass destruction”

I wrote, “Following a cross-volley of interpretations of the Dec. 9, 2009 blue-green light vortex over Norway on the eve of Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech (Russian missile; ETs destroying Russian missile), two researchers have independently posited that HAARP, a space-based weapon of mass destruction one of whose antenna fields is close to the site of the Norwegian spiral light.

“According to one of the researchers, David Wilcock, one of his confidential sources stated the Norway spiral light was part of Project Blue Beam. Mr. Wilcock's interview appears on the Project Camelot Radio show with Kerry Cassidy.

“One of the alleged purposes of Project Blue Beam is the use of advanced electromagnetic imaging such as that produced by HAARP and exhibited in the Norway spiral light as a psychological mass conditioning device in aid of the implementation of a global corporate new world order.

“If this analysis is accurate, the Norwegian light may have been a HAARP-induced effect attempting to anchor an extraterrestrial-like or “transcendent” aura around U.S. President Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech in Oslo the following day, Nov. 10, 2010.”

The technical requirements of a staged ‘Alien Invasion’

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre has researched and documented many of the technical requirements for a staged ‘Alien Invasion’ false flag operation.

The documented technical components and operating assumptions of a plausible staged ‘Alien Invasion’ of Earth as a false flag scenario include:

(1) Black budget technologies and weapons systems - The staged ‘Alien Invasion’ would plausibly employ advanced technologies, including transportation systems and weapons systems of the black budget whose existence have been verified by credible whistleblowers.

Alien Invasion components - Black Budget Transportation and Weapons systems

The principal existing black budget transportation systems and weapons systems components feasibly available for application in a staged Alien Invasion false flag operation include:

A. Anti-gravity UFO spaceships

U.S. black budget anti-gravity UFO spaceships would most plausibly be a key component of a false flag staged ‘Alien Invasion’.

The following is known about secret U.S. anti-gravity UFO spaceships from various projects that employ anti-gravity UFOs. The anti-gravity UFOs are based in under-water and underground secret U.S. black budget bases. They have stealth holographic capability, and can assume invisibility, the shape of a UFO craft, or the shape and sound of a Boeing 747.

Use in Alien invasion: U.S. secret anti-gravity UFO spacecraft would be employed as decoy ‘invading’ alien space craft, carrying out maneuvers in accordance with the pre-arranged script of the false flag operation.

B. Multiple-use Directed energy weapons, including HAARP and other directed energy weapons.

A multiple-use directed energy weapon, known as HAARP, would most probably be applied to carry out multiple functions in an Alien invasion. There are approximately 17 HAARP weapons systems installations throughout the planet, making it a versatile weapons system for the implementation of a staged Alien Invasion false flag operation.

HAARP Background

HAARP is an exotic weapons system that is part of the weaponization of space, using "scalar wave interferometry" - a technology first discovered by scientist Nicola Tesla in the early 1900's. Two or more longitudinal, ultra-low frequency waves are “aimed” at an intersecting point, at which time they interact in a very unique way, “tapping” into the limitless plenum of energy surrounding the planet, and weaponizing this scalar energy.

HAARP has 3 major weapons-system components:

* Space-Based: HAARP ionizes and weaponizes the Earth's Ionosphere.
* Air-Based: HAARP uses Chemtrails as a frequency reflector from its Ground and Space Base, and as a Binary weapons system against the human population.
* Ground-Based: HAARP ground stations energize HAARP (Alaska; Greenland; Norway; Australia)

HAARP: Reported weapons functions:

* SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) Radiofrequency weapon

* Environmental warfare - Weather & earthquake warfare

* Space Warfare System

* Missile Defense System

* Scalar energy warfare against land and population targets, including cities, industrial sites, buildings, populations, and individuals

* ELF weapon with electromagnetic harassment and mood manipulation of target populations and individuals.

* Biological & Binary Weapons against populations (with Chemtrails component)
Applications of the HAARP weapons system as a component of a staged Alien Invasion:

1. Creation of holographic and hyperdimensional UFOs in the sky – fleets of UFOs created by HAARP holographic capability in the sky to simulate an Alien Invasion hyperdimensional UFO fleet from the 4th dimension or a parallel universe, or from outside the solar system. HAARP has already arguably been used to simulate UFOs over Norway and Russia during Barack Obama’s visit to Norway.

2. Scalar energy warfare – Scalar energy warfare to destroy urban centers and other selected targets of the false flag operation in such a way that it would appear that the scalar energy beams came from the secret U.S. anti-gravity UFOs deployed in the skies, or the holographic fleets of UFOs in the skies (that are also created by HAARP).

3. Space Warfare System – Radio frequency beams from HAARP are used to search and destroy and ‘incoming’ defensive missiles or aircraft from the ‘defending’ terrestrial air forces, making it appear that it is the holographic UFO fleet or anti-gravity UFOs that are shooting down the terrestrial missiles and interceptor aircraft, etc.

4. ELF weapon with electromagnetic harassment and mood manipulation of target populations and individuals – HAARP mood manipulation of fear and panic is used to put the human population into a state of fear and panic, so that it will be more prone to accept the staged Alien Invasion as an authentic ‘Alien Invasion’, and thus accept whatever draconian law measures are imposed planet-wide.

C. Tesla-based quantum access teleportation and time travel capability

As confirmed by multiple, independent whistleblower former participants in highly classified defense projects of the U.S. government – including whistleblowers from secret U.S. projects Andrew D. Basiago, Michael Relfe, and Arthur Neumann - the U.S. black budget has possessed Tesla based quantum access teleportation and time travel technology for at least 40 years.

There is reasonable evidence that these technologies appear to have been covertly applied in the planning of false flag operations, including the false flag operation of September 11, 2001.

The two principal time travel technologies are (1) Chronovisors – a holographic device that permits the operators to access the actual ‘pictures’ of any scene past or future in the time-space hologram; and (2) Quantum access star-gate type technology that permits individuals and goods to travel forward and backward to specific locations in the time-space hologram.

Quantum access star-gate type time travel technology was, by the evidence, employed to obtain images of the events of 9/11 in 1971, brought back to 1971 from a U.S. DARPA forward time base in the year 2045.

Time travel technology would plausibly be used by the perpetrators of the staged ‘Alien Invasion’ to pre-view the time-space location of the false flag operation and gain key important strategic and logistical information to its success.

(2) ‘Shadow Government’ - The Alien Invasion is, like the False Flag Operation of September 11, 2001, carried out on behalf of an international ‘shadow government’ that has command and control over these weapons systems. The individuals, banks, financiers, etc. in the ‘shadow government’ would qualify for prosecution under RICO statutes, the Geneva Conventions, and the International Criminal Court, as an international war crimes racketeering organization.

The goals of the Alien Invasion include: (1) to perpetuate a new market for the war economy against the ‘invading Aliens; (2) to subjugate the human race into planetary obedience and panic; (3) to impose a state of global martial law and dictatorship; (4) to deny the human population their full potential as citizens of the cosmos interacting with ethical intelligent civilizations.

(3) 9/11 Weapons Analogy - The closest operational analogy to the Alien Invasion is the False Flag operation of September 11, 2001, in which the best evidence shows at least 4 existing advanced black budget technologies were employed – (1) U.S. Anti-gravity powered UFO spacecraft with stealth holographic capability; (2) Molecular dissociation of World Trade Center buildings through directed energy weapons; (3) Advanced 4th generation mini-nukes (4) Quantum access Tesla-based time travel surveillance, giving the planners of the 9/11 advance operational knowledge of the event in 1971.

(4) Embedded in Context - The Alien Invasion, as is required by the False Flag Operation methodology, are embedded in an interdimensional, galactic, solar system, and global context in which world government decision-makers, world human militaries, and world media are manipulated, through command and control networks embedded in the world governments, militaries, and media, to fulfill their appropriate roles in the unfolding false flag scenario.

(5) Where are the ‘Invading Aliens’? – Technically speaking, actual ‘Invading Aliens’ may not be a necessary component of a staged ‘Alien Invasion’ false flag operation. The false flag scenario may be designed to have the ‘terrestrial forces’ successfully fight off the invading ‘Alien UFO Spacecraft,’ at the price of installing a global functional dictatorship on the planet.

Alternatively, an ‘Independence Day’ scenario could unfold with secret anti-gravity UFO spacecraft hovering over significant monuments like the UN building in New York, the White House in Washington, the Houses of Parliament in the UK, the Forbidden City in Beijing… well – you get the picture. No need to ‘see’ any actual invading ETs there, just their spaceships as the guardians of the New World Order.

'ET Decloaking' vs an ethical ET landing

The Oct 13, 2010 UFO sightings - be they interdimensional intelligently directed phenomena or part of HAARP Project Blue Beam or natural phenomena or a mixture of these - raise the issue of 'decloaking' of vehicles or space stations of intelligent civilizations that may be in parallel dimensions to our 3-D Earth, or using advanced invisibility technology.

As I have reported, Canadian speech recognition expert and former CBS radio producer Jon Kelly has subjected a recording of Barack Obama’s inaugural address on the steps on the U.S. capitol on January 20, 2009 to reverse speech analysis. Kelly’s reverse speech analysis (see below), shows that Barack Obama’s inaugural address contains secret messages predicting an extraterrestrial event of global impact on the scale “of the Iraq war” to occur in Obama’s term of office. Elected in 2008, Obama may serve until January 20, 2013 or January 20, 2017, if re-elected to a second term.

Thus, that portion of the Oct. 13, 2010 UFO sightings that were caused by an inter-dimensional intelligent civilization, may in fact be the beginning of a vindication of Jon Kelly's reverse speech analysis of Barack Obama's inaugural address.

Barack Obama’s inaugural address is not the first time speech recognition expert Jon Kelly has used reverse speech analysis to uncover secret messages in a U.S. president’s inaugural speech. Kelly’s reverse speech analysis of former U.S. president George W. Bush’s January 20, 2001 inaugural address publicly and accurately reported the "shock and awe" strikes that opened the Iraq War 2 years in advance of the actual U.S. invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003.

Obama’s inaugural address in reverse speech

In an exclusive release to this reporter, Kelly states, “The [Obama reverse speech] message occurs within the bracketed [text] below.”

The portion of Obama’s inaugural address Kelly is referring reads as follows:

OBAMA INAUGURAL ADDRESS: "We are the keepers of this legacy. Guided by these principles once more, we can meet those new threats that demand even greater effort - even greater cooperation and understanding between nations. We will begin [to responsibly leave Iraq to it] s people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan."

According to Kelly, when analyzed under the methodologies of reverse speech analysis, the message of Barack Obama’s reverse speech states:

OBAMA REVERSE SPEECH: "Knows power of alien saucers"

Readers can listen to a special audio link of the reverse speech analysis of this passage of Obama’s inaugural address made available to this reporter by speech recognition expert Jon Kelly.

AUDIO LINK: Click here to listen to Obama's inaugural address reverse speech message.

Methodology of speech recognition analysis

Below is a wave graph of a sample of Barack Obama's inaugural address reverse speech:

Expert Jon Kelly states, "I would like to point out that objective feedback regarding the quality standard constraining my speech recognition documentation as well as the information produced through these efforts (as described repeatedly in this article) suggests that the quality standard is very high and that the information is very reliable."

Kelly continues, " I did report during hundreds of radio interviews key Iraq War intelligence describing the geographic coordinate and the initial military strike at that coordinate marking the launch of the Iraq War. Objective feedback first appeared through an article in the Guardian newspaper: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2003/mar/11/usa.iraq. The manifestation of "Shock and Awe" strikes in Baghdad as described in the messages discovered and reported in January 2001 qualified the objectivity of my observations again."

Kelly states, "The fact that these were "real events" is significant evidence that I was actually documenting 'real words'".

Kelly says that in evaluating reverse speech, "I am studying a signal demonstrating mulitiple levels of organization including mirror-oriented sets of communications. In the visual world, the pixels on my computer screen are displaying alternating patterns of dark and light yet somehow I am still able to interpret these seemingly random patterns as coherent messages as well."

What is the significance of Obama inaugural reverse speech message?

In evaluating Obama’s inaugural address reverse speech, speech recognition expert Jon Kelly has made a detailed evaluation of its significance. Kelly states, “The significance of the [Obama inaugural] message is two-fold.” Kelly continues,

“Its discovery within the inaugural address gives this message significance in light of this event's previously demonstrated ability to secretly announce historic global events such as the Iraq war described backwards in the President George W. Bush 2001 inaugural address.”

In this portion of the evaluation, Jon Kelly is referring to secret messages concerning the 2003 invasion of Iraq which were hidden in reverse speech in U.S. president’s George W. Bush’s inaugural address, which Kelly publicly revealed in radio broadcasts 2 years before actual the invasion.

Kelly then goes on to state the core analysis of his evaluation of Obama's inaugural address,

“This [Obama inaugural address] message suggests the possibility that a global event of extraterrestrial origins of an equivalent social, culture, political, military and spiritual impact as the war in Iraq will occur over the next 4 years.”

The accuracy with which speech recognition expert Jon Kelly predicted the shock and awe tactics of the 2003 Iraq invasion 2 years before it occurred by uncovering secret messages in former U.S. president George W. Bush’s 2001 inaugural address, lends credence to Kelly’s uncovering of Obama’s reverse speech message about a global extraterrestrial event of stunning magnitude.

Speech recognition analysis and former U.S. president Jimmy Carter

In his evaluation of the Obama reverse speech message, speech recognition expert Jon Kelly states, “The vocabulary of the [Obama inaugural] message is also significant in that it uses identical language to the secret backwards message of President Jimmy Carter whose message described the possibility of abduction and implantation stating "Saucer. Went out naked. Going out. They'll put it in him".

Speech recognition expert Jon Kelly described his reverse speech analysis of Jimmy Carter’s statements regarding extraterrestrials at length in an exclusive 2008 radio broadcast on Exopolitics Radio that also analyzed the reverse speech statements regarding extraterrestrials of former U.S. president Bill Clinton, 2008 U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain, and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, PhD. Readers can listen to that landmark program by clicking here.

Kelly’s speech recognition research establishes that former U.S. president Jimmy Carter’s reverse speech statements tend to confirm that Carter is an extraterrestrial abductee. As set out in “Is Jimmy Carter an ET/UFO Contactee?,” research shows that Carter exhibits several behavioral regularities of extraterrestrial abductees. By the available evidence, Jimmy Carter did have a close encounter of the first kind, which he reported in his own 1973 UFO sighting report. He therefore passed the threshold test as a potential UFO/ET abductee. Carter also passes the emotional and psychic bonding threshold tests of extraterrestrial abductees. Carter’s repeated and deeply emotional recollections of his close encounter of the first kind may be a triggered response to a cloaked memory of a close encounter of the fourth kind (an extraterrestrial abduction).

If in fact U.S. president Jimmy Carter was an extraterrestrial contactee, this relationship between Carter and an extraterrestrial civilization may be part of the psycho-social infrastructure developed by an extraterrestrial civilization for the “extraterrestrial event” that the Obama inaugural address is predicting via reverse speech.

This reporter was the director of the 1977 proposed Jimmy Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study, approved by Stanford Research Institute (SRI), before it was abruptly terminated by intervention of the SRI- U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) liaison in Oct. 1977. The underlying purpose of the DOD termination of this study was to avoid public disclosure of top secret U.S. military-intelligence human-extraterrestrial liaison programs, which the study would have documented.

What does a future “extraterrestrial event” of the equivalent impact of the Iraq war mean?

Our investigative series of articles has now reported that speech recognition analysis of Obama’s inaugural speech reveals a hidden message of a possible extraterrestrial event in Obama’s term of office (4 or 8 years) with global impact. Speech recognition expert Jon Kelly describes this extraterrestrial event as “an equivalent social, culture, political, military and spiritual impact as the war in Iraq.”

The Iraq war itself is an illegal war of aggression in which war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide were committed, and in which depleted uranium weapons were used to spread radioactive poisoning in a silent nuclear war against Central Asia, India, the North American continent and Western Europe. As of January 2009, 1,000,000 U.S. servicemen have been permanently disabled by their service in the gulf and Afghanistan wars, including Iraq, due to ionizing radiation from depleted uranium. It is estimated that 1,000,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq by U.S. and coalition forces. One expert indicates that the world-wide impact of depleted uranium weapons on human DNA and on human health is so severe that is it part of a deliberate depopulation strategy by an international war crimes racketeering organization to eliminate up between 1/3 and 2/3 of the human population.

Will this predicted extraterrestrial event that Obama’s reverse speech inaugural address describes be for the benefit or detriment of humankind?

That is a key issue we must all address as a body politic.

This series of investigative articles on the Obama administration began with the following question:

What can we expect during the Obama administration with regard to UFOs and extraterrestrial life?

♣ Transparent disclosure of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial life?
♣ An “alien false flag invasion,” carried out by black budget military-intelligence units in the same way that the reported False Flag attack of September 11, 2001 was carried out?
♣ Extraterrestrial disclosure carried out by informed citizens groups and experts in official public venues and on the media throughout the earth? The end of earth's planetary quarantine from a universe society of intelligent civilizations?

We have demonstrated in this series to date how the psycho-social infrastructure of a “UFO alien” extraterrestrial false flag invasion has been established by U.S. and Russian leaders, and how former U.S. presidents, including Ronald Reagan (“UFO alien invasion” meme) and George W. Bush (September 11, 2001 psyops), have laid the groundwork for or approved and participated in false flag operations against the U.S. homeland.

If this global “extraterrestrial event” referred to in Barack Obama’s reverse speech inaugural address materializes and is a “UFO alien” false flag invasion, this series has now published a preliminary feasibility report of how (U.S. government black budget units) and when (2009-2017) that operation will occur.

This series of investigative articles on the Obama administration, the U.N., UFOs and extraterrestrial life has also established the goal of such a false flag “extraterrestrial event” – to establish a global police state under a covert war crimes racketeering elite. A “shock and awe” methodology would be fundamental to any “UFO alien” false flag invasion, aimed at instilling fear and subjugation in the human population.

As we have demonstrated in previous articles, high-ranking U.S. official who has used the “UFO alien” invasion meme has given a scintilla of evidence for its reality. Hence, any such “invasion” would have to be a false flag operation and not an invasion by genuine hostile extraterrestrials.

The science of exopolitics shows that ethical extraterrestrials are promoting human autonomy, not planning a subjugation.

The scientific reliability of reverse speech analysis in predicting future events

According to one speech recognition expert, “…language is bi-level, forward and reverse. As the human brain constructs the sounds of speech, it forms those sounds in such a way that two messages are delivered simultaneously. One forwards, which is the conscious mind speaking, and the other in reverse, which is the unconscious mind speaking….On the surface level, it can act as a sort of Truth Detector as Reverse Speech will usually correct the inconsistencies of forward speech. If a lie is spoken forwards, the truth may be communicated in reverse. If pertinent facts are left out of forward speech these may also be spoken in reverse. It can reveal hidden motive and agenda and other conscious thought processes. At deeper levels, Reverse Speech can reveal thought patterns that are unconscious, including reasons behind behaviour and disease. This information can be used to greatly enhance the therapeutic and healing processes.”

According to speech recognition expert Jon Kelly, “The journal Nature reported several years ago that scientists in the UC system had researched the human ability to detect speech when it was incrementally time-sliced and rearranged backwards. The AP ran the story as "The Brain Understands Backwards Speech". A recent article in Scientific American also discusses multiple universes where time can run in reverse. Time symmetry between dimensions of reality could allow for circumstances under which it may be possible to compose and transmit a message that is time-reversed to the clock of our world.”

Besides publicly and accurately reported the "shock and awe" strikes that opened the Iraq War 2 years in advance, Canadian speech recognition expert Jon Kelly has reportedly “successfully identified the BTK Killer on Wichita morning radio 15 minutes before he confessed; and reliably disclosed Oprah's true feelings about James Frey 2 weeks before she called him out as a liar on daytime television”.

Thus, that portion of the Oct. 13, 2010 UFO sightings that were caused by an inter-dimensional intelligent civilization, may in fact be the beginning of a vindication of Jon Kelly's reverse speech analysis of Barack Obama's inaugural address.

Is a false flag staged ‘Alien Invasion’ a realistic future event?

1. 1938 Orson Welles ‘War of the Worlds’ may have been the staged ‘Alien Invasion’ – One source states, “It has been suggested War of the Worlds was a psychological warfare experiment. In the 1999 documentary, Masters of the Universe: The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve, writer Daniel Hopsicker claims the Rockefeller Foundation funded the broadcast, studied the panic, and compiled a report available to a few. A variation has the Radio Project and the Rockefeller Foundation as conspirators. In a theatrical trailer for his film F For Fake, Welles joked about such theories, jesting that the broadcast indeed ‘had secret sponsors’.

“While Mercury Theatre had no sponsor, CBS and the Rockefeller Foundation were contracting the leading crowd psychology researchers of the time; CBS had Edward Bernays, the Rockefeller Foundation had Ivy Lee. With the involvement of Frank Stanton in the Radio Project and his position in the CBS research department, it is possible the ‘creative curiosity’ of Orson Welles came from conversations within these business circles. A detailed documentary on these circles and the ideas behind social manipulation was made by the BBC, called The Century of the Self.

“There has been continued speculation the panic generated by War of the Worlds inspired officials to cover up unidentified flying object evidence, avoiding a similar panic. U.S. Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first head of UFO investigatory Project Blue Book wrote, "The [U.S. government's] UFO files are full of references to the near mass panic of October 30, 1938, when Orson Welles presented his now famous The War of the Worlds broadcast.”

2. The ‘staged Alien Invasion’ is a meme that the New World Order and permanent war economy are exploiting for purposes of engendering public panic and fear and furthering their agendas of weaponization of space and domestic police state world wide, using HAARP and similar psychological conditioning weapons.

3. The suppression of the truth about the 9/11 false flag operation and its employment of advanced quantum access time travel and anti-gravity UFO spaceships, and the infiltration of the 9/11 movement by the NSA and other government agencies, appears to indicate that a successful staged ‘Alien Invasion’ false flag operation could be carried out if the degree of public apathy about false flag operations, and official suppression and police state measures increase.

4. Truth Movement – It is vital that truth movement whistleblowers and the truth movement itself be heard by a significant portion of the public, so as to create a large enough informed opinion to prevent a staged ‘Alien Invasion’ from being effective.

5. Informed citizen extraterrestrial disclosure – The importance of informed, citizen-based extraterrestrial disclosure initiatives, such as the initiative to restore transparent, interactive diplomatic relations with the human civilization living under the surface of Mars and to protect the delicate Martian ecology from colonization by Earth, is vital to forestalling draconian measures such as a staged ‘Alien Invasion.

6. UFO Lights: Project Blue Beam, ‘Star Sign’ or Ethical ET decloaking? – A key perceptual and analytical question remains – Are the UFO spirals and star lights seen around the world part of a Project Blue Beam sighting, a ‘Star Sign’ of the Maitreya as many believers claim, the result of intelligent hyperdimensional civilization’s interdimensional probes, or simply unexplained natural phenomena?

There is no simple, across the board answer - only case-by-case scientific, UFOlogical and exopolitical analysis.

7. The Good News - Discernment and restraint are in order, along with the excitement of knowing that the singularity at the core of our Universe is now emitting waves of consciousness energy of enlightened unity consciousness. Thus any Project Blue Beam, staged ‘Alien Invasions', false messiah attempts is likely to come from duality consciousness and fail. Conversely, any ethical outreach by ethical intelligent ethical civilizations, genuine World Teacher manifestations that are in congruence with enlightened unity consciousness as emitted by the core singularity (portal) at the center of our Universe are likely to succeed.

Seattle's relationship to Exopolitics and this article: According to Examiner.com, this reporter -Alfred Lambremont Webre - is "one of two experts in the field of exopolitics and this topic doesn’t generally lend itself to a local angle". This reporter is very proud to have this Exopolitics Examiner column based in Seattle. Historically, "the modern phenomena of UFOs and 'flying saucers' began in Washington state on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold spotted nine mysterious, high-speed objects 'flying like a saucer would' along the crest of the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier. His report made international headlines and triggered hundreds of similar accounts of 'flying saucers' locally and across the nation." A local Seattle connection is thus embedded into every Examiner.com article this reporter has the privilege to write for our Seattle audience.

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