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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ridley Scott's Prometheus Examines the Roots of Alien's Mythology

Science News

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Ridley Scott's Prometheus Examines the Roots of Alien's Mythology

Co-screenwriter Jon Spaihts speaks with Scientific American about the Alien universe and humanity's quest for knowledge in Scott's latest film

 | June 4, 2012

alien,science fiction,movie  

HOSTILE TERRITORY?: In Prometheus moviemaker Ridley Scott takes audiences back to universe he created in the original sci-fi horror film Alien. Image: Courtesy Kerry Brown, Twentieth Century Fox
More than three decades ago Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror classic Alien introduced moviegoers to a menacing, insectlike, parasitoid extraterrestrial species. The film's sequels and spinoffs over time created a rich mythology of a universe in which the films' predatory antagonists and doomed heroes coexist, complete with terraformed colonies, interstellar mining and commerce, and a recurring role for the fictional Weyland Corp., whose relentless efforts to capture and control the alien species set in motion much of the film franchise's narrative.

Scott returns to this universe on June 8 with the opening of Prometheus, a movie set in the same cosmos as the Alien films but several years earlier than the original. Although the moviemakers are keeping many plot details confidential in advance of the film's release, Scott has made clear that Prometheus is not a prequel to Alien. Instead, the new movie centers on scientific exploration—sponsored by Weyland, naturally—on board a spacefaring vessel named for the Titan in Greek mythology who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans—and paid a terrible price for doing so.

The Prometheus is following a star map found at various unrelated archeological sites on Earth. The commonality of these images leads the scientists to believe that the map may help them discover humanity's origins.

Scientific American spoke with Prometheus co-screenwriter Jon Spaihts about the film's scientific pursuits, its portrayal of late 21st-century technology and the dangers faced by humans in such a hostile cosmos.

[An edited transcript of the interview follows.]

Prometheus is not a prequel to Alien but both films are set in the same universe. What does this mean exactly?
If a prequel is a story that presets the conditions for another story—gives you everyone's back story and so forth—and is mated to a specific set of characters and a specific tale, then this is not that. This is a story that shares a storytelling universe with the Alien films, in particular the first film. There are also some scientific notions and some storytelling archetypes that we inherit, but we are really not telling the same story at all. We're opening up a whole new branch of science fiction mythology.

What storytelling archetypes did you inherit, and how did you weave the old and new mythologies together?
One of the things I was very aware of in composing the story is that in the Alien universe there are a number of dualities that leap to the fore. There's a core duality between humanity and the alien species, obviously. The Xenomorph [as the alien came to be known] wasn't just something dangerous but something demonic in the perfection of its adaptation to destroy us. And it made Ripley—the female protagonist of Alien and its sequels—feel that much more innocent, vulnerable, human, real. This conflict between human and alien is central to these films.

A secondary duality is between the human and the artificial person. Whether we're talking about Ash in the first film, Bishop in Aliens or David in the new movie, an android is always there, and there's always a tension between the human and artificial characters that seems intrinsic to these stories. And then there's also a duality between the humans and "the Company," an implacable and self-serving interest, a heartless force. Although these movies are science fiction, we can relate [because of] similar tensions in day-to-day life. People feel uneasy about our dependence on artificial intelligence and robotic appendages as machines get closer and closer to us. And there's certainly a widespread tension between us and the corporate forces in our lives. All of these forces become concrete representations in the universe where Prometheus and the Alien movies take place.

The Alien films never fully explained the origin of the Xenomorph creatures, even though the first movie presents the audience with a derelict ship filled with alien eggs that have seemingly been abandoned on a hostile planet. What approach does Prometheus take to exploring the origins of life?

One of the things that distinguishes the original Alien movie is the extent to which it doesn't even attempt to explain the alien phenomena its protagonists encounter. It's almost devoid of pseudoscience talk. If you've seen the original Alien, you've seen the remains of the enigmatic giant—whom the fan community calls the "space jockey"—who has died in the derelict wreck. This character is the great, unopened door of that original film—the great mystery. Who is that? Where did that derelict ship come from? How did that giant die?

And it's in that mystery that the story seed of Prometheus takes root. There is some inevitable kinship between the two stories in terms of xenobiology. But the titular creature of Alien is very much confined to the shadows and is not at all the focus of Prometheus, which is driving in a new direction. With Prometheus, the origin of the menace and forces that our heroes encounter is essentially the central mystery of the tale itself. So the story is very much about people prying into the shadows and trying to shed light on these mysteries.

As with any science fiction film, technology sets the tone by establishing the film's look and to a large extent determining what the film's characters can (and cannot) do. What was your vision for the technology in this film?
That it should look real. One of the things that Ridley Scott has done as a director is pioneer for us a grungy vision of the future. His films Alien and Blade Runner plus the original Star Wars directed by George Lucas taken all together showed us a future in which everything was well used, rusted and battered. And that was a real leap from the gleaming and spotless future of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. Prometheus likewise wants to feel like reality. So the vessels, vehicles and tools in the movie are designed to be things that are somewhat familiar to us while also representing an optimistic vision of future technology.

Given that Prometheus is set prior to Alien, how did you devise a set of technologies that would appeal to an audience in 2012 without making Alien's 1979 vision of the future seem outdated?
There's an inevitable trickiness around the chronology just because technology in the real world and technology in filmmaking have come so far in the years since the original Alien. But for me a lot of that is easily rationalized by virtue of the fact that the Nostromo, the original ship in Alien, is an industrial tug. It's a rust bucket that itself might be 150 or 200 years old at the time that we see it. The Prometheus is a state-of-the-art scientific exploratory vessel. So it's only reasonable that it be sleeker and technically vibrant.

Along those lines, how did you invent David, the android in Prometheus? Did you take into account that he would not be as advanced a piece of technology as the robots from the Alien movies?
As with any archetype that's been touched on in previous films, you need both to honor its place in the canon and at the same time find some new insight, some new approach to it. The exciting thing about David is that perhaps there isn't yet a habitual place in society for machines like this at the time Prometheus takes place. In the sequels to Alien it's more normal to have an android on a starship crew as a matter of corporate protocol. But perhaps that's not the case in the new film. Perhaps David doesn't quite know his place in the universe, how humans will interact with androids and what's expected of these robots. And perhaps the human members of the crew are not yet accustomed to working and living with a crew member who is artificially intelligent.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will Smith: My son asked Obama about ‘the aliens’

Will Smith: My son asked Obama about ‘the aliens’

By David Edwards
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 14:18 EDT
Will Smith speaks to BBC Radio 1
Actor Will Smith says he recently found himself in a “not cool” situation when his 13-year-old son, Jaden, asked President Barack Obama about the existence of extraterrestrial aliens.

“I was at the White House with my family and we were getting a tour and, you know, Barack and Michelle and Sasha and Malia,” Smith recalled to BBC Radio 1 host Chris Moyles on Wednesday. “And it’s me, Jada and the kids and we’re walking through the White House. And the night before Jaden had said to me, ‘Dad, I got to ask the president about the aliens.’ I was like, ‘Dude, no.’ It’s not cool. It’s not cool. It’s embarrassing.”

“You have to take that opportunity,” Moyles observed.

“I was like, ‘Jaden, do not ask the president,’” Smith continued. “So we get into the Situation Room and Jaden gets the look in his eyes and he leans over and says, ‘Dad, what’s my punishment?’ And I was like, ‘Jaden, do not.’ And you know, Barack is talking about the Situation Room and Jaden says, ‘Excuse me, Mr. President.’ I was like, ‘Hey, Barack, man…’ And Barack said, ‘Don’t tell me.’ And in perfect form, and this is why he’s the president, and he stopped and looked at Jaden said, ‘The aliens, right?’”

“And he said, ‘I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials, but I can tell you if there had been a top-secret meeting and if there would have had to have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.’”
Smith, who stars in the upcoming Men in Black III and other classic science fiction movies like Independance Day, added that he didn’t really need confirmation from the president.

“I already have the top-secret information,” the actor said. “I just can’t share it. You don’t think that I’ve made all of these movies and not been briefed by the White House. Of course, I know. I just can’t tell you.”

Smith and his family visited the White House in April to take part in Easter celebrations.

In response to a “We the People” petition asking the Obama administration to “formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race,” the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy in September officially denied any knowledge of alien life.

“The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” Phil Larson said in an official White House statement. “In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

Watch this video from BBC Radio 1, broadcast May 16, 2012.
(h/t: Digital Spy)
David Edwards
David Edwards
David Edwards has served as an editor at Raw Story since 2006. His work can also be found at Crooks & Liars, and he's also been published at The BRAD BLOG. He came to Raw Story after working as a network manager for the state of North Carolina and as as engineer developing enterprise resource planning software. Follow him on Twitter at @DavidEdwards.

NASA's Search for Parallel Universes

The Daily Galaxy

NASA Launches Search for Parallel Universes 

October 30, 2010


6a00d8341bf7f753ef012877113807970c-500wi When NASA launches "AMS-02" on Feb 27, 2011 at 4:04 PM Eastern. Sam Ting Principal Investigator for the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2 experiment hopes that it will provide data that proves the existence of parallel universes that are composed of anti-matter -discoveries could prove verify theories and answer basic questions regarding how the universe formed.

According to Ting,  the experiment is already accruing data as it awaits its February 2011 launch date. Scheduled to fly aboard the final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134, AMS-02 will search through cosmic rays for exotic particles, antimatter and dark matter. The experiment will be mounted to the outside of the International Space Station (ISS) and will require no spacewalks to attach.

While Ting has certain things that he hopes to discover, he believes that the most exciting questions are those that scientists don't even know to ask yet.

The particles that the 7.5 ton experiment is currently registering have had some of their qualities removed by the abrasive nature of Earth’s atmosphere. This problem will be solved after Feb. 26 when the AMS-02 is delivered to its new home on the space station’s S3 truss assembly. From its high vantage point it is hoped that the experiment will open new windows into particle physics and cause a revolution in our understanding of the universe.

Ting hopes that AMS-02 will provide data that proves the existence of parallel universes that are composed of anti-matter. It is also hoped that the experiment will also discover particles that contain magnetic and electric particles that are exactly the opposite of ordinary particles -discoveries could verify theories and answer basic questions regarding how the universe formed such as that of Burt Ovrut, professor of theoretical high energy physics at the University of Pennsylvania and  pioneer of the use of M-theory to explain the Big bang without the presence of a singularity

Ovrut and colleagues imagine two branes, universes like ours, separated by a tiny gap as tiny as 10-32 meters. There would be no communictaion between the two universes except for our parallel sister universe's gravitational pull, which could cross the tiny gap.

Orvut's theory could explain the effect of dark matter where areas of the universe are heavier than they should be given everything that's present. With Ovrut's theory, the nagging problems surrounding the Big Bang (beginning from what, and caused how?) are replaced by an eternal cosmic cycle where dark energy is no longer a mysterious unknown quantity, but rather the very extra gravitational force that drives the universe to universe (brane-brane) interaction.

Up until AMS-02, mankind’s understanding of cosmic rays has been limited to measuring light gathered in telescopes such as the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). This experiment will be the first time that charged particles can be studied in the cold vacuum of space – away from the distorting influence of Earth’s turbulent atmosphere.

The AMS-02 P.I. is also hoping to find out what dark matter is made of. This material is believed to be the “glue” that holds the universe together. mankind’s understanding of cosmic rays has been limited to measuring light gathered in telescopes such as the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). This experiment will be the first time that charged particles can be studied in the cold vacuum of space – away from the distorting influence of Earth’s opaque atmosphere.


Casey Kazan


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Facebook at 800 million users suppresses ET/UFO disclosure with cointelpro spying, censorship

Facebook at 800 million users suppresses ET/UFO disclosure with cointelpro spying, censorship


by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

With the premiere of a blockbuster movie The Social Network (Tagline: “You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”), social network website Facebook.com - whose approximately 517,760,460 current members now total 7.6 % of the human race - has become the online emblem of virtual society in first decade of the 21st century.

Facebook.com has, by publicly reported evidence, become a covert data mine of Facebook users personal data and habits, at a time when Facebook’s 800 million members now number nearly 42% of all 1.9 billion Internet users on the planet.

Facebook.com is more than a covert data mine.

Facebook.com is, by the evidence, an instrument of information warfare and attack against Facebook users whose actions fall within specific clandestine surveillance guidelines established by DARPA and the U.S. Department of Defense Information Awareness Office.

Facebook.com has, by the evidence, also been used in furtherance of black budget operations such as the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf oil spill.

Investigation has revealed that Facebook.com has denied its users access to critical extraterrestrial disclosure information, and has sabotaged Facebook groups intended for organizing a boycott against BP, the oil giant responsible for the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf oil spill false flag operation, through the use of sophisticated spying and cointelpro Facebook.com software attack techniques.

One of the cointelpro-type attacks carried out by Facebook.com and documented by mainstream media newspaper Politico was against Facebook members who attempted to organize a boycott on Facebook.com against BP, one of the corporate perpetrators of the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill that has devastated the ecology, economy, and population of the Gulf area.

These sophisticated spying and cointelpro Facebook.com software attack techniques could only be employed with the explicit approval of an upper management executive and venture capital level at Facebook.com. This Facebook.com upper level advertises its easy, open access to U.S. President Barack Obama, one of the largest recipients of campaign contributions from BP, and whose Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, received a $500 million grant from BP prior to joining the Obama cabinet.

Researchers such as Vishar Agarwal have demonstrated the deep interconnection between venture capitalists behind Facebook.com and the Central Intelligence Agency investment front company InQTel, whose Board member Dr. Anita Jones was a former high-ranking official of DARPA and of the U.S. Department of Defense Information Awareness Office.

Facebook.com is the de-facto controlled Internet asset of the CIA and Department of Defense Information Awareness Office (IAO), "The IAO was established after Admiral John Poindexter, former United States National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan and SAIC executive Brian Hicks approached the US Department of Defense with the idea for an information awareness program after the [false flag operation] of September 11, 2001."

Facebook.com, the clandestine manifestation of SAIC and Admiral John Poindexter’s brainchild Information Awareness Office (IAO) that has now infiltrated 77.4% of all 266 million Internet users in North America (all of whom are now Facebook.com members), and has transformed the Internet into a velvet-gloved virtual form of Friendly Fascism, and conditional virtual citizenship.

Facebook.com, CIA, DARPA, and the Information Awareness Office (IAO)

Facebook's mission, as conceived by InQTel and Dr. Anita Jones, on behalf of CIA, DARPA and IAO, is functionally identical to the original mission of the IAO itself:

The Information Awareness Office (IAO)'s [and Facebook.com's] mission "would be achieved by creating enormous computer databases to gather and store the personal information of everyone in the United States, including personal e-mails, social network analysis, credit card records, phone calls, medical records, and numerous other sources, without any requirement for a search warrant. This information would then be analyzed to look for suspicious activities, connections between individuals, and "threats". Additionally, the program included funding for biometric surveillance technologies that could identify and track individuals using surveillance cameras, and other methods."

This is a functional description of the surveillance and cointelpro mission of Facebook.com on behalf of its controllers, DARPA, CIA through InQTel and Dr. Anita Jones.

Facebook.com is, by the evidence, both a covert data-mine for U.S. military intelligence, and a cointelpro arm of U.S. military intelligence. Every single one of Facebook’s approximately 517,760,460 current users is at risk, not only because of Facebook’s ‘public’ privacy policy (devised by guidelines from DARPA’s IAO).

Facebook users are also at risk because of a covert spying and cointelpro network inside Facebook.com’s command and control structure that will implement a cointelpro-like attack upon any Facebook.com user whose actions are deemed to contravene policies of the Central Intelligence Agency and of U.S. Defense Department, who control InQTel, its key venture capital partner.

Facebookcom’s public relations façade

Popular journalism on Facebook.com has been limited to psychological profiles of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg as a borderline sociopath, as set out in Rolling Stone’s story The Truth about Facebook, published June 26, 2008.

Facebook-allied venture capitalists like to sport the yuppie whiz-kid look by accompanying Obama to the site of their space rocket launches. Founders Fund principal Peter Thiel, co-founder with Elon Musk of Paypal (pictured with Obama), provided the initial $500,000.00 in development funding for the Facebook.com prototype rollout.

Facebook, InQTel, and Dr. Anita Jones

The reality of most of Facebook.com’s capitalization, and its integration with the mission of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Information Awareness Office (IAO) can be seen in a video by researcher Vishar Agarwal whose viewership, while high for an Internet video, is less that 1/100th of Facebook.com’s membership:


Key Facebook.com capitalization was supplied through the Central Intelligence Agency investment front company InQTel, whose Board member Dr. Anita Jones was a former high-ranking official of DARPA and of the U.S. Department of Defense Information Awareness Office.

The application of covert Internet spying and cointelpro software attack techniques on users by Facebook.com is in many cases a violation of U.S., European Union, and other laws against racketeering, invasion of privacy, illegal surveillance, private espionage, criminal assault, and interference with freedom of speech and assembly.

It is only because Facebook.com carries out these attacks covertly against isolated users who can easily have their Facebook.com accounts discontinued that this mass illegality can flourish.

Although the privacy commissioners of various jurisdictions have spoken out against Facebook.com’s privacy practices, no public authority, such as the Attorneys General of the U.S., New York State, Ontario, etc., or public prosecutors in the European Union, have taken direct action against Facebook.com or its executives for these racketeering and criminal assaults against the rights of individual Facebook.com members.

Facebook.com and the BP Gulf oil spill false flag operation

A recent article in the mainstream investigative reporting newspaper Politico by Josh Gerstein states, “Grass-roots activists organizing boycotts against large corporations like Target stores and BP now find themselves directing some of their ire at another corporate monolith: Facebook.

“The boycotters turned to the popular social media site to spread word about their pressure campaigns and keep participants up to date on the latest developments, but those efforts became much more difficult last week when Facebook disabled key features on the boycott pages.”

So, why would Facebook.com, a so-called social network that is designed to allow its users to create online groups, “disable key features of a grass-roots boycott” against BP?

BP along with Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, et alios, by the evidence, are criminal perpetrators of the April 20, 2010 BP Gulf oil false flag operation that so far has by the evidence done incalculable ecological, economic, and health damage to the sea-life, plant life, and human populations in and around the Gulf of Mexico, as well as to the loop current, the Gulf stream and the North Atlantic conveyer belt currents.

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre has demonstrated the above in a series of 5 evidence-based articles on the BP Gulf oil spill false flag operation at Examiner.com.

These Examiner.com articles have led to an exclusive TV interview of Alfred Lambremont Webre by former Gov. Jesse Ventura on the corporate, individual, governmental, financial and other interests that are responsible for the BP Gulf oil spill, scheduled to be broadcast on in the Fall of 2010.

Politico's Josh Gerstein’s research on Facebook.com establishes prima facie evidence that Facebook.com is implementing illegal cointelpro-type software measures at its website, in aid and abeyance of the BP oil spill false flag operation, and the international war crimes racketeering organization behind that false flag operation.

Facebook.com’s cointelpro to conceal the 71 minute video of the nuclear missile UFO whistleblowers' Sept 17, 2010 press conference

On September 27, 2010, according to one researcher, “September 27, 2010 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., six former military officers testified that UFOs were responsible for the shut down of nuclear weapons at various times and places. One instance occurred at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. Those offering testimony: Dwynne Arneson, retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel, Bruce Fenstermacher, retired USAF Captain, Charles Halt, retired USAF Colonel, Robert Jamison, former USAF Captain, Patrick McDonough, retired U.S. Navy Intelligence Command Master Chief, Jerry Nelson, former USAF 1st Lieutenant, and Robert Salas, former USAF Captain. All these men offered impeccable credentials verifying their service records, and duty stations at the times, dates and places in discussion.”

This press conference was broadcast live by CNN, and was reported on by at least 30 mainstream media worldwide.

Yet, Facebook.com maliciously deemed a 71-minute video posted on the Internet by Exopolitics Germany of the CNN broadcast to be ‘abusive’, functionally prevented Facebook users from accessing this historic press conference for 24 hours, and took cointelpro-type attack measures against Facebook users who had attempted quite innocently to post the Exopolitics Germany video online at the Facebook.com website because it was a legitimate worldwide mainstream media event.

Clearly, Facebook - in IAO fashion - enforced a CIA and U.S. Defense Department policy in blocking its 517 million users from access to eyewitness evidence that an extraterrestrial or interdimensional intelligent source was shutting down U.S. and U.K. nuclear missile sites and sending a signal to the U.S. and U.K. governments to abandon nuclear weapons.

This September 27, 2010 cointelpro-like action took place by virtue of Facebook.com’s functional identity as the controlled asset of DARPA and IAO in cyberspace

Where is Facebook going with 30% (or more) the world’s Internet population?

Facebook.com is the embodiment of ‘friendly fascism,’ the covert partnership of venture capital, surveillance technology, and military-intelligence objectives for data-mining and cointelpro spying/assaults manipulating the understandable public desire to connect in social networking.

Pop culture and feature motion pictures may expose the complex character of Mark Zuckerberg (who has donated $200 million for New Jersey schools).

In a fundamental sense, Mark Zuckerberg is irrelevant to the data-mining and illegal surveillance and cointelpro functions of Facebook.com, which is an embedded asset of DARPA and the U.S. Department of Defense. Covert command and control intelligence networks, algorithms and software within Facebook.com manipulate and mine the personal data and condition the behavior of 77.4% of North American Internet users on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense, DARPA and IAO.

The U.S. national security state will resist an expose and dismantling of the CIA, DARPA, IAO, and U.S. military-intelligence's penetration and integration with the ownership structure and the very design and ethic of Facebook.com as a DOD-controlled ‘data mine’ and cointelpro spying and attack virtual reality in cyber space.

According to one source, “The Information Awareness Office (IAO) was established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in January 2002 to bring together several DARPA projects focused on applying surveillance and information technology to track and monitor terrorists and other asymmetric threats to national security, by achieving Total Information Awareness (TIA). This would be achieved by creating enormous computer databases to gather and store the personal information of everyone in the United States, including personal e-mails, social network analysis, credit card records, phone calls, medical records, and numerous other sources, without any requirement for a search warrant. This information would then be analyzed to look for suspicious activities, connections between individuals, and "threats". Additionally, the program included funding for biometric surveillance technologies that could identify and track individuals using surveillance cameras, and other methods.

“Following public criticism that the development and deployment of these technologies could potentially lead to a mass surveillance system, the IAO was defunded by Congress in 2003. However, several IAO projects continued to be funded, and merely run under different names.”

Arpanet, DARPANET, Internet all morph into Facebook

The Internet was developed first as Arpanet through the U.S. Department of Defense’s ARPA (Advanced Research Project’s Agency), and then in the early 1980s morphed into DARPANET. This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre still remembers Jim Channon of the U.S. Army’s First Earth Battalion and 'Men Who Stare At Goats’ fame coming over in 1982 to a spiritual center in Rock Creek Park in Washington DC, carrying reams of DARPANET printouts for all to see.

Out of DARPANET, the U.S. Department of Defense morphed the Internet in the 1990s.

Out of the Internet, in the middle of the last decade, the Department of Defense morphed the Internet into Facebook.com, and now 77.4% of North American Internet users are becoming Facebook users (and addicts), and data mining slaves of the U.S. Department of Defense, as DARPA foresaw in the 1980s.

There are many Facebook.com users who have reported cointelpro attacks done on them by Facebook.com to this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre. For reasons of protection of their privacy from retaliation by Facebook.com these users are not named in this investigation. Facebook.com places limits of 5000 friends, and 5000 persons as the maximum number of that a Facebook group that can be communicated to at once. These are upper-limits set by the U.S. Department of Defense to limit the right of assembly, to restrict social self-empowerment and social self-governance, as imposed through Facebook.com. These limits are part of the design and control functions for controlled asset social networks like Facebook.com developed by DARPA and the Information Awareness Office, through InQTel and Dr. Anita Jones.

Facebook.com entrepreneurs and investors like Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel

What will entrepreneurs and investors like Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel do when it is no longer publicly feasible to deny that Defense Department-level data mining, spying, and cointelpro is at the core of Facebook.com?

My guess is they will continue to reap profits and look the other way. A quick look at the Founders Fund convinced this reporter that none of these individuals has any abiding commitment to the growth of individual privacy, empowerment, and the end of the national security state.

What can be done to limit the power of this military-intelligence Trojan Horse Monster (Facebook.com) that has taken over 77.4% of the North American Internet?

1. Public exposure – Public exposure of the penetration of the Internet by DARPA and U.S. military-intelligence using venture capital covers like InQTel and cut-outs like Dr. Anita Jones, former director of DARPA.

The media – misdirected by intelligence psyops - has fixated on the personal foibles of Mark Zuckerberg and the routine investment bankers like Peter Thiel. The role of DARPA, IAO, Admiral John Poindexter, SAIC, CIA venture capital covers like InQTel and cutouts like Dr. Anita Jones, former director of DARPA must be publicly exposed.

2. Regulation & litigation – Public prosecutors in the European Union, Canada, and the states of the United States must begin to investigate the illegal espionage and cointelpro networks within Facebook.com and the outrages they commit daily against Facebook users who are too intimidated by the fear of losing their accounts to complain, and who are not equipped to complain against a CIA-capitalized corporate giant like Facebook.com. Laws and regulations must be enacted to eliminate Facebook.com’s power to act as the U.S. Department of Defense’s covert Information Awareness Office in cyberspace.

3. Public funding for independent, public interest virtual social networks – There must be international, national and local public funding made available for independent, public interest virtual social networks, as a component of the United Nation Charter of Human Rights, and the constitutional rights citizens of all nations.

COPYRIGHT: Permission to use extracts & copyright notice

Copyright Alfred Lambremont Webre JD, MEd, All right reserved

Permission is granted to include extracts of this article on websites and email lists provided a link is included to the original article.

This article is copyrighted and should not be added in its entirety on other websites or email lists without author's written permission. For permission please contact: exopolitics@exopolitics.com. Thank you.

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EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe


Profile Picture - Andy - 3-11-11
Andrew D. Basiago


[Bracketed materials are excerpts from Michael Salla's letter to Andrew D. Basiago]


BASIAGO: True, but you have repeatedly attacked my public statements as untrue, despite the fact that from the beginning they have all been true and you have no evidence that they have not been true.


BASIAGO: This is a mere supposition on your part. You have no factual basis to allege this theory of my case. I was a participant in two historic programs, DARPA's Project Pegasus, about which I have retrieved and communicated hundreds of facts, and the CIA's Mars visitation program, for which I have already proffered one participant and for which I will soon be proffering a second participant. I am simply sharing what happened to me.


BASIAGO: You have no basis to make a judgment about the nature of my friendship with Alfred. I have never ingratiated myself with anybody. You don't know me. Alfred and I are profound friends, strategic allies, and creative collaborators. Your assertion that you can characterize a friendship is highly presumptuous.

When you talk about Alfred discrediting himself in the exopolitics community, I ask: Is this the Michael Salla who presented at [James] Gilliland's in 2006 about creating nature parks for human-ET interaction and then went on Coast to Coast AM and admitted that ET behavior has been characterized, for the most part, by stealth? Whose wife presented a lecture about swimming with the dolphins as a way to "channel ET"? In comparison, Alfred has had the intelligence to recognize the significance of my experiences and has had the integrity to support my Truth Campaign.


BASIAGO: Well, that's great, Michael. Problem is, I have never been through "trauma based mind control." Why do you insinuate that I have? I told you that I was subjected to efforts to make us comply with the secrecy regime and to not talk about what happened. Your allegation of TBMC is unfounded and is an academic conceit that you have superimposed over the facts of my case. In fact, you have been too academically unprincipled to explore the facts of my case. You have made a snap judgment.


BASIAGO: In point of fact, you, who purports to be an historian of UFO history, have totally missed the boat by not examining my claims and realizing that my experiences reveal a whole new chapter in the US government's covert response to the ET situation. In Project Pegasus, I was even trained in the ASTART alphabet for ET-human communication and you haven't even interviewed me. Along the way, you have made it your business to defame a respected colleague (Alfred) and a key whistle blower (Andy). So, I have to ask. Who are you working for? The truth? The intelligence community? Which is it?


BASIAGO: Alfred has supported many people with different allegations and experiences and unlike you hasn't superimposed a misinformed judgment over them. I will leave it to him to make his judgments as to whose experiences he reports. I can say that he has sought not so much to be understood as to understand. That's why his work has been groundbreaking and revolutionary and yours has been pedestrian and sterile. It's almost like you're a gatekeeper for what the CIA wants to release about the ET situation. I think that at this point the balance of the equities indicates that you are an operative. If you are not, then I would urge you to do some soul-searching and acknowledge that your egotism has caused you to fail to comprehend that I am a key whistle blower from within the postwar US defense community that was dealing with how to respond to perceived threats posed by the ETs and the Soviets. Having said all that, I forgive you, just as I forgive everybody who fails to comprehend what I experienced.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project Pegasus Mission Statement

Pegasus Logo
Project Pegasus

Mission Statement

Project Pegasus is a quest begun in 1968 by Andrew D. Basiago when he was serving as a child participant in the US time-space exploration program, Project Pegasus.

Project Pegasus was the classified, defense-related research and development program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in which the US defense-technical community achieved time travel on behalf of the US government -- the real Philadelphia Experiment.

Project Pegasus was launched by the US government to perform "remote sensing in time" so that reliable information about past and future events could be provided to the US President, intelligence community, and military.

It was expected that the 140 American schoolchildren secretly enrolled in Project Pegasus would continue to be involved in time travel when they grew up and went on to serve as America's first generation of "chrononauts."

The children found, however, that in the process of serving as child time travelers attached to Project Pegasus, they became America's time-space pioneers.

Andy was the first American child to teleport and one of America’s early time-space explorers, as will be told in his soon-to-be-published book, Once Upon a Time in the Time Stream: My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age.

In 1968, he resolved to one day tell the true story of his time travel experiences in Project Pegasus and reveal to the world that the US government had made secret a teleportation technology that if made public would revolutionize transportation across the face of our planet.

Today, Andy serves as the Team Leader of the new Project Pegasus, the only group in the world that is lobbying the US government to declassify its time travel secrets.

Under Andy's leadership, the mission of today's Project Pegasus is to lead the campaign in law, politics, and culture to urge the US government to disclose its teleportation capability, so that this revolutionary technology can be used to advantage humanity in the 21st century.

Andy envisions a world in which teleports will replace airports for "real time" transit between major transport hubs around the world, thereby making long-distance travel faster, easier, safer, and cheaper.

The declassification and deployment of the US government's teleportation capability may also be the most important environmental cause of our time, for it will prevent billions of tons of pollutants from conventional transport from entering the atmosphere every year.

Project Pegasus invites you to join Andy in his heroic quest to usher in the Time-Space Age. Together, we can transform life on Earth. Let's go for it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars

Danger Room
What's Next in National Security

White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars

Forget Kenya. Never mind the secret madrassas. The sinister, shocking truth about Barack Obama’s past lies not in east Africa, but in outer space. As a young man in the early 1980s, Obama was part of a secret CIA project to explore Mars. The future president teleported there, along with the future head of Darpa.

That’s the assertion, at least, of a pair of self-proclaimed time-traveling, universe-exploring government agents. Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings insist that they once served as “chrononauts” at Darpa’s behest, traversing the boundaries of time and space. They swear: A youthful Barack Obama was one of them.

Perhaps this all sounds fantastical, absurd, and more than a little nuts. We couldn’t agree more. That’s one of the reasons we love conspiracy theories — the more awesomely insane, the better. Each week during 2012, when the Mayans tell us to expect the apocalypse, Danger Room will peel back a new layer of crazy to expose those oh-so-cleverly hidden machinations powering this doomed plane of existence. Welcome — back — to Tinfoil Tuesday.

According to Basiago and Stillings, Obama isn’t just lying about his identity. He’s lying about his military service record, too. While his political opponents in 2008 attacked him for never serving, in truth, he was concealing his participation in a hidden CIA intergalactic program hosted at a California community college in 1980.

Officially, the White House says Obama never went to Mars. “Only if you count watching Marvin the Martian,” Tommy Vietor, the spokesman for the National Security Council, tells Danger Room. But that’s exactly what a secret chrononaut wants you to believe.

Obama wasn’t the only one making the otherworldly voyage. As “Barry Soetero,” the 19-year-old Obama was one of 10 youths selected to secretly teleport to and from Mars, forming a band of interplanetary Teen Titans. Regina Dugan, the director of Darpa, was another member.

Between 1981 and 1983, Obama is supposed to have visited Mars twice, by way of a teleportation chamber called a “jump room.” Basiago, a fellow chrononaut, told the website Exopolitics that he saw Obama “walk back to the jump room from across the Martian terrain.” To acknowledge his comrade, Obama is said to have told Basiago, “We’re here” — apparently, “with some sense of fatalism.”

It is not known what exactly Obama did on Mars. (Socializing Martian health care, perhaps? Building a birth-certificate printing press?) His mission was a perilous one, according to Basiago and Stillings. The CIA wished to “establish a defense regime protecting the Earth from threats from space” as well as a legal claim to “territorial sovereignty,” making Obama something of a Martian conquistador. Presumably, Obama’s CIA handlers needed him to “acclimate Martian humanoids and animals to their presence” in order to secure the U.S.-Martian alliance. (We’ll bet you weren’t even aware of Martian animals.)

“Simply put, your task is to be seen and not eaten,” an elder chrononaut, retired Army Maj. Ed Dames, is alleged to have told a young Obama.

You can scoff at the idea of Obama on Mars. But it explains a lot. Obviously the birth-certificate controversy is a side effect of Obama forgetting to sufficiently establish his fake identity as he learned to manipulate time and space. (Dugan has a demonstrated record of supporting space travel; the “jump room” must be broken.) And who else but a man accustomed to keeping the country’s most explosive secret would be comfortable waging so many undeclared wars? Ignore Basiago and Stillings at your own peril. If Obama’s reelected, the U.S. is finally colonizing Mars.

Illo: Arikia Millikan

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