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FAIR USE NOTICE FAIR USE NOTICE: This page may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This website distributes this material without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for scientific, research and educational purposes. We believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in 17 U.S.C § 107.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Information About the GREYS / ZETAS / FAMILY


For the REAL truth of what's "out there"


Here is a very brief summary of information presented by the Visitors, much of which has been independently confirmed. More detail on all of these points can be found in my books – Human by Day, Zeta by Night, and The Zeta Message, co-authored by Helene Kaye

One of the first questions we put to the Visitors was: ‘What do you like to be called – Greys, Zetas, ETs, Aliens or what?’

Their answer: ‘We really don’t mind, but please, not aliens! What we would most like to be known as is ‘Family’.’

Some researchers on the subject insist on using the term ‘Zetas’, because they feel that ‘Greys’ has racist or else colour-orientated connotations, as the Visitors do come in other colours as well, eg white and blue. Top marks to these researchers for having the respect to consider the feelings of the Visitors, and yes, there has been an awful lot of racism directed at the Greys/Zetas just because they look a little different.

I personally prefer the term ‘Greys’, but more in a metaphysical than physical sense, because they are inter-dimensional as well as extraterrestrial. They are not limited to a particular Star System but rather travel widely throughout the Universe. Many of them reside permanently on board the huge Discs, which are in a way Time Machines and inter-Dimensional Portals. I like to think of the Greys as the ‘Gypsies of the Universe’, and perhaps that’s why they do seem to have a close link with my cultural background. The name they call themselves is Workers of the Angels. They are Caretakers of Energy, and Triers and Testers of Souls. They are also known as "Guardians".

Information on the Greys tends to be multi-layered and rather complex, so the overall picture of why the Greys are making contact and interacting with us is explained under the following four headings, just to try to keep things a little clearer and more concise.

We have received teaching from them on the subject of Human Evolution and what they refer to as the HUMAN LADDER. This is a path or cycle of human evolution through the Universe. It is a series of ascending levels or layers of expanding Mind/Conscious Awareness through which ALL HUMAN-TYPE BEINGS pass, gradually moving upwards in their soul growth to increasingly higher vibrations.
 For more information about the Human Ladder, please see the page: 'Zeta / Grey Teachings'

PURPOSE FOR CONTACT                                                                              Expansion of Mind/Conscious Awareness is what human evolution is about, and for the Mind to expand, all barriers and limitations caused by fear must first be brought to the surface and cleared. This is where the Greys come into the picture, as ‘cosmic mid-wives’ to assist us with this difficult, challenging and often frightening process.

EYES OF THE GREY                                                                         On a purely physical level, you can tell the age of a Grey by their eye colour. Just as human hair fades to grey or white as we age, so the eyes of the Greys fade from black, to dark blue, to pale blue and then to white. I believe the eyes ‘wear out’, as do human teeth, but it is only the outer part that is affected, and this can be replaced/renewed if it occurs prematurely.
On deeper levels, and with the Greys one must always consider things in a multi-dimensional light, the Eyes of the Greys act as mirrors to the Human Soul, reflecting back to us those unresolved fear issues from present or past lives which are buried at the deepest levels of our psyche. It is these unresolved issues that block our spiritual growth/evolution by causing us to hold on to superstitions and limiting mind-sets that trap us either in Fear or else in Ego, thus effectively stopping us one way or another from moving forward on our spiritual path. Contact with the Grey Visitors propels us into a transformational process by drawing these hidden fear/ego-issues up to the surface to be dealt with, healed and resolved.
This is the Key that allows deeper CONSCIOUS awareness to take place, and is what evolution within the Human Kingdom is all about. The Grey Visitors are here to help us WAKE UP to deeper and more expansive CONSCIOUS AWARENESS.
As Psychologists tell us – we are only able to access about one-tenth of our full mind potential. This places Humans of Earth at level 1 on the Human Ladder. The Greys are at level 5 and upwards, and can therefore access at least five-tenths (half) of their potential conscious awareness. Those Beings that we know down here as ‘Angels’ and who are right up at the very top on levels 9 and 10 can access ten-tenths. In other words they are Pure Mind.

Planet Earth is a ‘school planet’. This is the reason why we have so many choices here. Mind/Spiritual Evolution is based on Freewill – making freewill choices of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’; and a planet such as Earth with so much duality and diversity of Choice is an ideal testing ground for Freewill.
One of the little Worker Greys once commented that Humans of Earth are one of the hardest life-forms in the whole Universe to work with. The problem is there are just SO MANY different nationalities, belief systems, languages, superstitions, cultural traditions etc. Mistakes and misunderstandings are bound to occur in their dealings with Earth Humans, who are also one of the most fearful of all the human-type species that they work with.

Greys/Zetas come in 3 sizes. The smallest are about a metre or a little more in height, and are known as Workers, or Helpers. The middle-sized ones are about a metre and a half in height and are basically Teachers in Training, then there are the very tall ones, up to three metres in height. These are Elder/Teachers.

When the Greys/Zetas communicate physically, the sound is very similar to the clicking noise made by dolphins. I once had the experience whilst in an altered state of carrying on a perfectly normal conversation with someone up on the Disc. When I ‘woke up’, the clicking sound was still ringing in my ear.
Telepathic communication is used as well, and from my own personal experience, I normally receive messages more as an image that just ‘drops out of the blue’ into my conscious mind. If you do experience actual physical ‘voices’ in your head, you need to be very discriminating, because this is more often astral plane interference rather than genuine ET communication. I’m not saying this is always the case, but it is good policy to be aware of it, because there’s a LOT of astral interference going on in connection with genuine ET/Human Contact.
The Greys never EVER tell us how to live our lives. They will give ideas, hints and suggestions on how to handle a problem or situation, but our freewill is ALWAYS respected. On several occasions we’ve asked one of the tall Teachers a question, only to be told very firmly: ‘You already KNOW the answer to that. Look within!’ They’re most definitely not into ‘spoon-feeding’ us or making us dependent upon them.

They take nourishment in the form of paste from a tube, either through the mouth as we do or else rubbed into the skin. They also drink liquid, often yellow in colour, from a vial. They don’t have teeth so cannot chew solid food, and don’t eat meat. There’s no waste matter in their digestive process as the food they take in is highly refined – so no need for toilets.

The Greys/Zetas have consciousness-enhanced technology and technology-enhanced consciousness. The Discs themselves have sentient consciousness, linked intrinsically to the Grey Consciousness. They are powered by Universal (Zero Point) Energy that is accessed through the mind and hands of the operator(s). There are 3 types of Disc – the really huge ‘Motherships’, which are more like a ‘travelling city’. Then there are medium-sized ones capable of carrying up to about 6 people; and little ‘mini-Discs’ in which the driver sits at the front and a second person behind.

The implants placed in peoples’ bodies by the Visitors, as opposed to those placed by human perpetrators down here, are for 3 reasons:
Firstly, to assist in balancing the person’s Energy System for healing/harmonising purposes. These operate on the same principle as Reiki or Acupuncture, and are placed within the main Chakra (Energy) Points – Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral or Coccyx, or else at minor Chakras located near joints – elbow, ankle, knee etc.
Secondly, to assist in the refining of the Energy System. These ones also act as Keys to allow the wearer to enter other inter-dimensional Portals, for example to board the Disc. The Zeta Folk all carry these in their own bodies to enable them to travel inter-dimensionally to carry out their work.
Thirdly, as communication and bio-feedback devices between down here and ‘up there’. Some of these are used to monitor human emotions, health, pollution levels in our bodies etc. There are also a number of ETs down here at the moment in human form, some not yet aware on the conscious level of who and what they really are. For these ones the implants allow information to be relayed back and forth. In other words, a way of ‘phoning home’.
The genetic work being carried out by the Greys is of benefit to BOTH species. The Visitors are upgrading Humans of Earth to the next level by introducing more ET genetics (not necessarily Zeta) into our species, as has been done before as part of an ongoing programme aimed at assisting our evolution on the mind/spirit level. They are also borrowing some back to correct a physical problem that occurred in their own evolutionary path. It is a two-way exchange, carried out with full permission from higher Sources.
The Hybrids are ETs with an added infusion of Earth Human genetic material.
The Star/Indigo/Crystal Children are Earth Humans with an added infusion of ET genetic material.

The Star Children are provided with learning opportunities by the Greys/Zetas in the form of classes in which they are taught about Energy, the Universe, God, Evolution etc. In these classes children learn to develop the ability to alter the vibrational frequency rate of small, light objects such as plastic balls and blocks in order to levitate them using Mind Power alone. This is part of the Transformational and Evolutionary Process for Humans of Earth, moving up from level 1 to level 2 of the Human Ladder, which is where we are heading as a species.

The Greys meditate on a regular basis. Oris (a tall Grey Teacher) once commented: ‘We meditate with the Buddhas.’ He wasn’t referring to any particular religion, but rather used the term ‘Buddhas’ in the sense of Enlightened Beings. Buddhism is however the closest Earth equivalent to Grey/Zeta Spirituality.
I also have recall of practicing Tai Chi up on the Disc, and of having moves corrected by one of the Teachers. The Greys have a deep and intimate understanding of the underlying Energy System of human bodies, as well as that of the planets and Universe. They know everything there is to know about Energy Meridians and the Chakra System and use this knowledge for healing and balancing purposes. They are the ‘Devas’ referred to in ancient Indian Writings, in which mention is also made of their ‘Vimanas’ – which we refer to as Discs or Star Craft. My belief is that they were the original ones to introduce Energy Healing Techniques to Planet Earth way back in the distant past.
Despite all their advanced technology, many Greys study the art of what they call ‘Scribing’, which involves writing by hand with laser pens. The material on which they write resembles canvas, and the pens give out a yellow-coloured light. This is an art-form that takes a lot of practice, as it’s very easy to burn a hole in the material. Laser pens are also used for surgical purposes.

Much of the Greys’ technology is based on their ability to significantly alter the vibrational frequency of Matter, thus their Discs can be made to appear or disappear virtually instantaneously. This is also how they move both themselves and their human ‘guests’ through solid walls, doors and closed windows. If you’ve studied even basic physics at school you will know that seemingly solid matter is made up of atoms. Atoms are like mini-solar systems, with the ‘sun’ being the nucleus and the ‘planets’ being the electrons which orbit around the nucleus, so in reality, ‘solid matter’ is mostly empty space. To move a human body through a closed door or window is simply a matter of lining up the ‘solid bits’ with the ‘empty spaces’. Levitation of objects also involves changing the vibrational frequency to reduce density.

Both of these hold great significance for the Greys, in the sense of energy and vibrational frequency. If you have Contact Experiences with them, try to take note if they are displaying a particular colour somewhere on their clothing or person. It may be in the form of a coloured trim on a coat, robe or cape; or a coloured hatband or feather stuck into the hatband.
Our 7 main Chakras (the Energy Points that run mid-line up the body from base to crown) each correspond to one of the 7 colours of the spectrum (and 7 notes of the musical scale). The main Chakras also correspond to major glands in the body, and therefore to aspects of health on all levels of our being – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Our Grey Teacher will often display a colour which corresponds to the particular Chakra that we need to work on. For example, the needle that was thrust into my Brow Chakra during an Encounter Experience back in 1995 had the most beautiful light blue, multi-faceted crystal on the other end of it, and the Grey Teacher, Maris, with whom I experience the deepest rapport, wears a light blue hatband on his black hat, with a blue feather stuck in it. My major lesson since connecting with this Teacher has been to learn to speak out (the Throat Chakra colour is light blue), which I’ve always had great difficulty with. He hasn’t left me on my own to do this, but rather has assisted me immensely through encouraging and guiding me in both my writing and teaching work.
The Greys, particularly at Elder/Teacher Level, are often seen dressed in black, either in the form of trousers, shirt, coat and hat, and with a cape draped over their shoulders, or else in a black, hooded robe. The reason for this is that Black contains the full colour spectrum – Black absorbs all 7 frequencies of light, whereas White reflects all light. In other words, Black is ‘all colours’, whereas White is ‘no colours’. Knowing that the sight of their face may cause fear in the humans they approach, they will often pull their hat down or their hood forward, to partially cover their features until we become accustomed to their presence and appearance.
People having Encounters with the Greys sometimes hear what are referred to as ‘the 3 knocks’, but these can also be delivered in multiples of 3, as 6 or 9 knocks. The number 3 represents Balance and Creativity for the Greys, in the sense of the three aspects of Body, Mind and Spirit being maintained in a state of balance, and the creativity of two entities coming together to make a third.
The number 9 symbolises Evolution, and the number 13, which is very significant to the Greys as it represents everything they stand for in the scheme of things, symbolises Transformation. Examples of this transformation aspect may be found in the 12 Apostles plus one – Jesus – total 13, and also the Twelve Yaksha Generals of Buddhism, plus the Healing Buddha. It is the 13th unit that is the transformative factor is this sense.
I could fill books with this one – which I have done! To be very brief and concise, the Greys/Zetas are here to teach us about Oneness, and the fact that we are ALL on the same journey. We are ALL intrinsically linked, one to another, throughout the whole Universe, and the ‘glue’ that binds us together in this state of Oneness is that which many here on Earth call ‘God’. The Star People refer to It as Source, or The One.
All of the Star People, including the Greys/Zetas/Visitors or whatever you wish to call them, are deeply concerned about the damage we are doing down here to our Mother Earth, and the potential damage we would cause if let loose on other planets. Because of the fact that we are all One, our actions are not just confined to our Home World but rather reverberate throughout the Cosmos like the ripples caused by a pebble thrown carelessly onto the still surface of a pond. THEY are not the ‘dangerous, negative aliens’ in the equation --- WE ARE!
Somebody once asked the question: ‘What have the ETs taught you?’ This was a very difficult question to answer because there has been SO MUCH. Thinking about it afterwards, I decided to tune in to Maris for some advice.
‘Well now;’ he replied, in the slow, deep and deliberate way of very ancient Grey Teachers; ‘there has to be three things, doesn’t there! Perhaps in answer to this question you could say:  “What the ETs have taught me is:

Firstly - To understand the Universe in terms of Oneness.

Secondly - To understand the Universe in terms of Energy; and

Thirdly – To understand myself in terms of Oneness and Energy,
thus enabling me to choose Love over Fear. "

As I write this, another Teacher’s words also come to mind:

It is the overcoming of Fear that is the Key to evolution in the Human Kingdom of Earth.’

Monday, May 16, 2016

Likely Exocomets: Closing In on 'Alien Megastructure' Clues

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Likely Exocomets: Closing In on 'Alien Megastructure' Clues


Artist’s impression of star KIC 8462852 shows the fragments of a comet orbiting the star, and periodically blocking the light.

After all the kerfuffle surrounding a certain star scrutinized by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope last October, astronomers have been feverishly trying to find a, um, natural explanation for a bizarre transit signal. Though it has turned into something of an epic endeavor, astronomers are zeroing in on the most likely candidate.
You know the story: Kepler is used to detect the transit of exoplanets around other stars. Its strength is that it can detect the very faint dip in starlight of astonishingly small worlds of Earth-like dimensions (and smaller) at tens to hundreds of light-years distant. The Kepler database is crazy-big, so to help astronomers identify transit signals, the crowd-sourcing group Planet Hunters delves into the signals.
One signal, originating from a star designated KIC 846852 — which was eventually nicknamed “Tabby’s Star” after discoverer Tabetha S. Boyajian — was dramatic. And by dramatic I mean unprecedented: A series of transit signals caused the star’s brightness to dip up to 20 percent. For a mission that deals in transits that usually dim starlight by fractions of a percent, you can see why this signal caused a stir.
Most interestingly, this signal was confirmed to be real, so it wasn’t instrumental or analysis error, so astronomers started working on possible explanations. It wasn’t long before the “alien” card was pulled and the world’s media latched on — was this the first direct evidence of an advanced alien civilization building some kind of “megastructure” around their host star? Could this be the first evidence of a partially built “Dyson Sphere”? Science fiction fans rejoiced! (Tentatively.) I, for one, welcomed our neighboring extraterrestrial architects and their can-do attitude.
But scientists being the buzzkills that they are were already pointing their fingers at other, more plausible explanations — no aliens required.
One idea centered round the possibility of a planetary collision. Although the likelihood of us looking in the right place at the right time to see the exo-smashup was very slim, just because we were lucky, it didn’t mean it didn’t happen. Another idea focused around a vast swarm of comets blotting out the star from our viewpoint. Indeed, the latter explanation had some meat as there was another nearby star that could have destabilized Tabby’s Star’s Oort Cloud (the region surrounding a star that is thought to harbor countless billions of ancient icy bodies waiting to be knocked off their gravitational perch and fall through the inner star system).
Now, in research from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, astronomers have studied Tabby’s star using the Submillimeter Array and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, located atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, in an effort to possibly track down dust associated with a planetary collision. The warm dust that would be produced by such an event should glow in emissions at submillimeter and millimeter wavelengths.
They found none.
Though the signal of some warm dust in the system may not be detectable (as the signal is so weak), this null result puts some tough restraints on the amount of dust in the system. There’s simply not enough dust there to support the collision hypothesis, but might be consistent with a complete breakup of 30 massive Halley-like comets blocking the starlight from view.
But just because the exocomet idea has been reinforced, it’s not easy for astronomers to explain why dozens of comets happened to disintegrate; there is no simple or known mechanism that would do that. Interestingly, this new finding doesn’t necessarily disprove the megastructure hypothesis either, but in the interest of Occam’s Razor, a cloud of strange comets would certainly be a simpler explanation than an advanced extraterrestrial civilization doing some DIY around a nearby star.
So the message is becoming clear: we’re not saying it’s not aliens; it’s just the exocomet hypothesis is becoming more likely.

Hawking: Earth (Likely) Doomed, Humanity Needn't Be

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Hawking: Earth (Likely) Doomed, Humanity Needn't Be


An artist's impression of a human colony on Mars -- could this be the answer to safeguarding our species?

The thing with Stephen Hawking is that the world tends to listen when he discusses big ideas.

Not content with informing us that God does not exist or that we could be wiped out by an alien invasion, the British physics superstar has now gone on the record to say humanity will score the mother of all “own goals” in the future. And that, he argues, is an excellent reason for getting humanity off the planet.
“Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years,” Hawking said during his first BBC Reith Lecture, that will be aired on Jan. 26. “By that time we should have spread out into space, and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race.
“However, we will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period.”
Hawking argues that this statistical near-certainty of doom over the next few centuries will most likely be self inflicted. Of the most likely candidates he singles out are the usual suspects: nuclear war, global warming and genetically engineered superviruses.
Previously, Hawking has also warned about advances in artificial intelligence turning against humanity — a fear that is shared by other prominent figures, including SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk.
But there is hope, fortunately.
“We are not going to stop making progress, or reverse it, so we have to recognize the dangers and control them,” he said. “I’m an optimist, and I believe we can.”

It may not sound very optimistic to be identifying all the weird and wonderful ways we’ll likely be made extinct, but with this knowledge perhaps we can avert the worst cataclysms we could inflict on ourselves in the future. Failing that, argues Hawking, we should really focus our efforts on space exploration and spreading humanity to the solar system and (possibly) beyond. The Earth may be doomed, but humanity needn’t be.
I can really get behind Hawking’s recurring message, urging us to explore space and I share some of his optimism for humanity. Space exploration, particularly the opportunities private rocket companies are showing us, getting stuff into space is getting easier and more affordable. Elon Musk even has long-term plans to set up a SpaceX-driven colony on Mars. A decade ago that would have been pure fantasy, but with the uptick in amazing rocket technology breakthroughs in recent years, it no longer sounds like an impossibility — though there’s still a very long way to go.
That said, Hawking’s warnings shouldn’t be seen as “just another” doomsday theory. Identifying the biggest threats, particularly the ones we could inflict on ourselves, will be key to helping us avoid them in the future.
I’m actually more pessimistic than Hawking about humanity’s ability of avoiding or fixing damage caused to our planet. Only now are we making serious moves to slow our emissions of greenhouse gases, when it’s already too late for many island nations that are being swamped by sea level rise. Irreversible damage has been caused to our planet by our persistent nature to grow and exploit its natural resources. It’s going to take the biggest ideas from the world’s brightest minds to think up geoengineering projects that could safeguard our future.
But in the meantime, why keep all our eggs in one basket? For better or worse, it’s never been a better time to push into space, possibly seeding new worlds — starting with Mars — with life.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Psychiatrist, the Aliens, and “Going Native”


In 1994, after years of working with troubled individuals claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrials—so-called experiencers—Harvard University Professor of Psychiatry John Mack (1929-2004) published one of the most controversial books in the recent history of psychiatry. Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens1 chronicles Mack’s therapeutic work with scores of men, women, and children with “conscious recall or recall with the help of hypnosis, of being taken by alien beings into a strange craft, reported with emotion appropriate to the experience being described and no apparent mental condition that could account for the story.” What made the book and Mack himself so controversial was the fact that he had come to accept that the stories his clients were recounting were an accurate description of real events. As he put it:
What the abduction phenomenon has led me (I would say now inevitably) to see is that we participate in a universe or universes that are filled with intelligences from which we have cut ourselves off, having lost the senses by which we might know them. It has become clear to me also that our restricted worldview or paradigm lies behind most of the major destructive patterns that threaten the human future—mindless corporate acquisitiveness that perpetuates vast differences between rich and poor and contributes to hunger and disease; ethnonational violence resulting in mass killing which could grow into nuclear holocaust; and ecological destruction on a scale that threatens the survival of the earth’s living systems.

Niall Boyce, editor of The Lancet Psychiatry, noted that the reaction of Mack’s colleagues was decidedly negative, with many puzzled by the fact that someone they considered intelligent, affable, and so eminently reasonable could go down the proverbial rabbit hole. Boyce, however, has tried to understand Mack’s turn more sympathetically than critics, dubbing him “the psychiatrist who wanted to believe.” “The book [Abduction],” Boyce argues, “speaks of a man easily touched by others’ emotions—indeed, a man whose perception of others’ emotional sincerity led to a belief in the reality of the experiences they described.” Mack was, therefore, “wrong for the best of reasons, and with the best of intentions.” Mack’s tragic flaw then, according to Boyce, was his failure to effectively navigate the boundaries separating the sympathetic from the critical facets of the therapeutic relationship.2
Boyce is correct that Mack’s “going native” exposed the tension between, on the one hand, the healer’s desire and need to provide comfort and, on the other, the importance of providing a critical voice and expert counterweight. It could be argued that this tension has only grown more recently as clinicians’ methods have become more firmly tied to scientific data.
That said, the question of just how far “native”—and here I use the term adjectivally, synonymous with the term “indigenous”—one may acceptably go as a professional scholar, teacher, or counselor is hardly unique to psychiatry and psychotherapy. Similar to Mack, for instance, former Temple University Professor of History David Jacobs, after writing a well-received book on the history of the UFO phenomenon in the US,3 eventually came to the view that extraterrestrials were in fact kidnapping human beings as part of a plot to breed human-alien hybrids and became a hypnotherapist and advocate for self-identified abductees.4
The issue of how far a professional may legitimately go in allying and empathizing with his or her subjects extends well beyond UFOs and aliens. Sociologist Erich Goode, for instance, has chronicled prominent cases—controversially including his own—in which social scientists have had sexual relations with informants.5 And, anthropologists widely rejected the work of Carlos Castaneda, a PhD in anthropology, after he adopted and became a vocal advocate for a form of Yaqui Indian shamanism.6
In fact, especially over the past 2 decades, anthropologists have dedicated significant time and space debating the proper limits of “going native.” Ethnography’s laudable insistence on seeing the world through the eyes of informants has historically led anthropologists to require that researchers live within the communities being studied and to learn and adopt members’ lifestyles.7 Scholars, however, have warned that if taken too far, “engaged anthropology” can help perpetuate stereotypes and trivialize indigenous lifeways and may give the researcher the false impression that he has fully captured the authentic experience of the other.8,9 Rather than attempting to know and represent some imaginary pristine, authentic way of life, critics suggest that anthropologists would be better served aspiring to sincerity—ie, acting in good faith to establish a rapport with their subjects while acknowledging their different respective positions.
Seen from the perspective of anthropology, it is possible to understand Mack’s instance of “going native” along lines that expand on the argument of Niall Boyce. It was not simply that Mack sympathized too deeply with his patients’ suffering. If we take him literally at his word, Mack’s well-intentioned desire to listen sincerely to his patients eventually led him to see in their experiences a form of lost authenticity, one he believed capable and worthy of capturing. His deeply held belief that the modern world was fraught with lethally destructive and self-destructive impulses that might be eradicated by redemptive extraterrestrial intelligences was one shared by a great many of those historically involved in the UFO and alien contact communities.10 His involvement with self-identifying alien abductees, therefore, was about more than the force of his professional concerns about his patients; it was also about the force of his political convictions—convictions he had in common with those he hoped to help.


Dr Eghigian is the History of Psychiatry Section Editor for Psychiatric Times. His full bio can found here.


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